Tohru Fujimura & Toshiyuki Yasuda: Silent Disco Live 2010.07

Tohru Fujimura & Toshiyuki Yasuda: Silent Disco Live 2010.07

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01. Guanaco vs. Okapi (Non Edit)
02. Guanaco vs. Okapi (Short Edit)
03. Alpaca vs. Gazelle (Non Edit)
04. Alpaca vs. Gazelle (Short Edit)

RM-1x, Kaosspad 2, Ashbory Bass, 506ⅡBass: Tohru Fujimura
TR-606, Revolution R2, Kaossilator, iPod nano, DE-200: Toshiyuki Yasuda

Live recorded at Slow Comedy Factory on 2010.7.25

Mastered: Toshiyuki Yasuda

Photo: Yooda
Photo Edited: Yooda & Toshiyuki Yasuda


映画「エクスマキナ」(音楽監修:細野晴臣)やオランダのレーベルTEAMrecords等へ提供し、2010年7月に1stアルバム「mild blue tone」をリリースしたフジムラトヲル。
元FPMで、Towa Tei、Señor Coconut、Jazztronik等とも共作、ROBO*BRAZILEIRAとしてロボ声でブラジル音楽を歌う等、コンセプチュアルに活動する安田寿之。

サイレントディスコとは、1969年のフィンランドのSF映画「Time of Roses」が起源で90年代初頭にエコ?ということで始まった、観客がヘッドフォンできくユニークなDJ/ライブ形式。
40分弱の2セットの演奏をエディットなしでそのまま収録した「Non Edit」ヴァージョンと、ききやすい長さにエディットした「Short Edit」ヴァージョンをそれぞれパッケージ。

Live recordings of improvised "Silent Disco" by Tohru Fujimura & Toshiyuki Yasuda, using electronic instruments.

Tohru Fujimura - Produced for an animation movie "Ex Machina" (Music supervised by Haruomi Hosono), the Netherlandish label "TEAMrecords".. Released his first solo album "mild blue tone" in July 2010.
Toshiyuki Yasuda - Ex-member of FPM. Working with Towa Tei、Señor Coconut、Jazztronik.. Acting uniquely like singing Brazilian music as a fictitious robot "ROBO*BRAZILEIRA".

The EP is a live recording of "Silent Disco" performed by the two musicians at Slow Comedy Factory on 2010.7.25.
Silent Disco is a peculiar DJ/live format that an audience listens to music with their headphones, originated a Finnish SF movie "Time of Roses" and became popular using by eco-activists in 1990's.
This time the two did improvisation using electronic instruments. Instead of PC, they synchronized hardware instruments, programmed in real time and roused gradually and thrillingly. The performance is based on acid dance music and abstract synth and noise contrast with organic sounds like steel pan. One of the audience said that "it was like a zoo of the sounds." so species names are used in titles.
Packaged "Non Edit" versions (a little less that 40 minutes, purely as they are played) and "Short Edit" versions (shortened to easy lengths) respectively.

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