Toshiyuki Yasuda (feat. Sawori Namekawa): Oval Merry-Go-Round

Toshiyuki Yasuda (feat. Sawori Namekawa): Oval Merry-Go-Round - Single
[The Institute of Music and Environment (TIME)]

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1. Oval Merry-Go-Round

Toshiyuki Yasuda (Composed, Piano, Synth, Chorus, Mix, Mastering, Art Direction)
Sawori Namekawa (Lyrics, Vocals)
Masaharu Iida (Double Bass)
Yukie Murakami (Photos, Designed)
Kati (Model)
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先行リリース最後の5曲目「Oval Merry-Go-Round」は、ジャズやブラジル音楽を独自の唱法で歌う行川さをりを作詞家、歌手として迎えたワルツ・バラード。無垢な声が、特有かつ普遍的なメロディを歌います。

5 advance singles from Toshiyuki Yasuda's 7th album will be released in sequence from March 2024. This is an album with a very simple instrumentation, representing the peak of Toshiyuki Yasuda's music, which has transitioned from conceptual to non-conceptual and from electronic to acoustic. The album is jazz-like authenticity, which have beautiful compositions like a standard, performed only with just felt piano, double bass, singing, and slight synths. All 4 featured singers are Japanese female artists, and the lyrics are convincingly written in their native language and aim to convey the power of women.

The 5th and final pre-release "Oval Merry-Go-Round," is a waltz ballad featuring Sawori Namekawa, who sings jazz and Brazilian music with her unique voices, as the lyricist and singer. Innocent vocals sing a distinctive and universal melody.