Toshiyuki Yasuda 安田寿之


電子音楽をベースにジャンルレスに活動する音楽家/作編曲家/プロデューサー。MEGADOLLYレーベル代表。1973年生まれ。兵庫県宝塚市出身。立命館大学理工学部卒。1994年、Fantastic Plastic Machineに参加。Pizzicato Five、Towa Tei、Combustible Edisonなどのプロジェクトを手掛け、1997年のFPMデビューアルバムを最後に脱退。
「ROBO*BRAZILEIRA」としてブラジル音楽を歌うなどユニークなソロ活動を主体に、Towa Tei、Señor Coconut(Atom Heart)、Clare and The Reasons、Fernanda Takai(Pato Fu)など、内外・ジャンル問わず共作・共演。CM、中野裕之監督映画、篠山紀信写真映像作品、桑原茂一コメディ作品、維新派や升田学のパフォーマンスなどへの音楽制作も多数。
新しい形の「音楽のソーシャル・ハブ」になるべく、直接配信契約するiTunes Storeで多様なアーティスト作品を全世界発表すると共に、既成概念を打破する新しい音楽の公表方法を模索/実施している。
Les Siestes Électroniques(フランス)、Sonarsound Tokyo、Apple Storeなどに出演。武蔵野音楽大学講師。

・「We “hub” music!」(ジャンルレスなミュージシャンをゲストにボーダーレスな場所で開催するライブイベント)
・「PanoMusica」(VR音響 + パノラマ写真のアプリ)

・コラボレーションアルバム「AUTUMN SESSION...
・4thソロアルバム「Children’s Songs 2050
・5thソロアルバム「Nameless God's Blue

・ご意見/ご感想 等

メール:postmaster (at) megadolly (dot) com


An electronic music artist, composer, arranger and producer, resident in Tokyo, Japan. I sing Brazilian music as a robot "ROBO*BRAZILEIRA". Representative of MEGADOLLY label. Born in 1973. From Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan. Graduated in civil engineering from Ritsumeikan University. I participated in Fantastic Plastic Machine in 1994 while at college. After dealing with many projects including Pizzicato Five, Towa Tei (ex Deee Lite), Combustible Edison and the debut self-titled album for Fantastic Plastic Machine in 1997, I left the unit.
As an artist, constantly I create solo works, provide for various compilations and collaboratively produce / perform with other artists like Towa Tei, Señor Coconut (Atom Heart), Clare and The Reasons, Fernanda Takai (Pato Fu). Also as a producer, I compose for advertisements, Hiroyuki Nakano's films, Kishin Shinoyama's photo movies, Moichi Kuwahara’s comedies and performances (Ishinha, Manabu Masuda).
In order to be a new "social hub in music", I release omnivorously on directly-signed iTunes Store worldwide and always carry out new ways of releasing music apart from conventions.
I performed at Les Siestes Electroniques in Toulouse, France (with Chicks on speed, Opiate, Schneider TM), sonarsound tokyo, Apple Stores and etc. Also I lecture at Musashino Academia Musicae.

- We "hub" music! (Live events which I call up genre-less musicians at border-less venues.)
- Photo exhibition by musicians (An exhibition and sale of sets of one off music and photos.)
- Alpha (Ambient music which is comprised of 2 tracks played by 2 other devises.)
- Version Up Music (Musical pieces developed like application/software's version up.)
- PanoMusica (An application of VR music + panoramic photos.)

Main albums
- 1st solo album “ROBO*BRAZILEIRA
- 2nd solo album “ELECTRO_BITS_INDEED
- 3rd solo album “WITH ROBO*BRAZILEIRA
- produced compilation “-MONOPHONIC-ENSEMBLE-
- collaboration album “AUTUMN SESSION...
- soundtracks “GIRLS”, “STRANGERS
- 4th solo album “Children’s Songs 2050
- 5th solo album "Nameless God's Blue"

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Email: postmaster (at) megadolly (dot) com

Photo by Ikuo Hiramatsu at We "hub" music! Vol. 04