Toshiyuki Yasuda: The First Word

Toshiyuki Yasuda: The First Word
[MEGADOLLY / Styrism MDD1717]

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1. The First Word

Music and Lyrics: Toshiyuki Yasuda
All Instruments, Mixed, Mastered, Artwork: Toshiyuki Yasuda
Heartbeats: Mario Yasuda
Excutive Produced: Toshiyuki Yasuda and Styrism Inc.

6thアルバム「Breaking the Silence (Version 10.3.3)」からのシングル第2弾


The 2nd single from the 6th album "Breaking the Silence (Version 10.3.3)", advanced but pop electronic suite.

The album title “Breaking the Silence” represents a dramatic silence between a conversation, a grand human history acquiring their first language (a slight African mood), the first word of a child, a stir into a conventional music industry and etc. This song located in the end of the album takes charge of an epilogue. Alphabets of Esperanto are sung in a beautiful melody with quintuple metre piano. Adding to a grand and dynamic soundscape, a recording of heartbeats of Yasuda’s fetus is programmed in a rhythm of the song, which symbolizes an unbroken human history.