Various Artists: Folk Alternative - MEGADOLLY Consultancy 2/9 (100 Releases Memorial)

Compling, Consultancy and distribution to iTunes Store / Apple Music by MEGADOLLY

Various Artists: Folk Alternative - MEGADOLLY Consultancy 2/9 (100 Releases Memorial)


1. Meu Coração: Spa On the Moon (Meu Coração Version)
(Composed and Lyrics: Toshiyuki Yasuda)
Arranged by Meu Coração
Vocal by EMiKO VOiCE
Guitar, Percussions, Mixed by Taro Sukegawa

2. Toshiyuki Yasuda: Tolo Típico (Los Recyclers' Apagon Remix)
(Composed: Toshiyuki Yasuda)
Remixed by Los Recyclers

3. Toshiyuki Yasuda: Adeus
(Composed and Lyrics: Francisco Alves and Noel Rosa and Ismael Silva)
All Instruments, Vocals: Toshiyuki Yasuda
Vocals: Robo*Brazileira
Vocals and Guitar: Robson Amaral

4. Toshiyuki Yasuda: Chovendo Na Roseira
(Composed and Lyrics: Antonio Carlos Jobim)
Arranged, Instruments, Vocals: Toshiyuki Yasuda
Vocals: Robo*Brazileira

5. orange pekoe & Toshiyuki Yasuda: Somebody Loves Me (Duet) [Live]
(Composed by George Gershwin, Lyrics by Ballard MacDonald and Buddy DeSylva)
Arranged by Tomoko Nagashima, Kazuma Fujimoto and Toshiyuki Yasuda
Vocal & Effects by Tomoko Nagashima (orange pekoe)
Acoustic Guitar & Effects by Kazuma Fujimoto (orange pekoe)
Piano, Vocoder, Beats, Synth, Mastered by Toshiyuki Yasuda
Recorded by Hiromi Mizoguchi at Saravah Tokyo
Mixed by Ken Nishi (Syn)

6. Pecombo & Toshiyuki Yasuda: Winter Song
(Composed: Toshiyuki Yasuda, Lyrics: Shoko)
Vocals: Pecombo, Robo*Brazileira
Drums: TR-606
Bass: Sine Wave
Piano: Toshiyuki Yasuda
Guitar: Taro Sukegawa
Accordion: Saburo Tanooka

7. Bajune Tobeta: Lua Calor
(Composed: Bajune Tobeta, Lyrics: Opala)
Vocals: Robo*Brazileira
Guitar Played: Bajune Tobeta
Guitar Edited: Toshiyuki Yasuda
Cello: Mitsuko Arai, Recorded at Studio Hapiness by Eiji Hirano
Mixed: Toshiyuki Yasuda

8. Oriental Homeward: Train
(Composed: Mikki Kuwa)
Produced: Oriental Homeward

9. Pecombo: La Vie En Rose
(Composed: Louis Guglielmi. Lyrics: Edith Piaf)
Vocals: Pecombo
Accordion: Saburo Tanooka
Guitar: Fumihiko Nakanishi
Sound Design: Hachi

10. Swinky: Lily of the Valley
(Composed and Lyrics: Esther Thirimu)
Guitars: Takayoshi Muranaka
Drums, Percussion: Kiyotaka Nishi
Bass: Mario Yamashita
Mix: Toshiyuki Yasuda

11. Esther Thirimu: Nipe Asali (Toshiyuki Yasuda Remix)
(Composed and Lyrics: Esther Thirimu)
Remixed: Toshiyuki Yasuda

Folk Alternative - MEGADOLLY Consultancy 2/9 (100 Releases Memorial)
シリーズ2枚目は、リズムのある歌ものをテーマにした「Folk Alternative」。ワールドミュージック的な広がりを持ちつつもポップにきかせる高い演奏性を伴った楽曲群です。
Cheerful vocals with rhythm.

・Meu Coração(EMiKO VOiCEと助川太郎によるブラジル音楽ユニット)
・Los Recyclers(キューバ等に在住歴があり現在は沖縄でペンションsomosを運営する、伊藤秀樹によるプロジェクト)
・orange pekoe & 安田寿之(ナガシマトモコのソウルフルでポジティヴな歌と藤本一馬による高い演奏性を誇るユニットと安田寿之による、ヘネシーをスポンサーにしたライブセッション)
・Pecombo & 安田寿之(ハッピーでおしゃれなスキャットヴォーカルグループと安田寿之によるアルバムセッション)
・Oriental Homeward(クラシック音楽へのアプローチから清涼感あふれる独特の美的音空間を形成する、桑原美樹によるプロジェクト)
・Esther Thirimu(Swinkyの本人名義)

MEGADOLLY Consultancy 1〜9 (100 Releases Memorial)
Megadolly100作目リリースを記念した、iTunes Store/Apple Music限定発売ベストアルバムシリーズ。
Towa Tei、orange pekoe、kyoka、Si Begg、いろのみ、Ken’ichi Itoi、The Firefly Clan、Morgan Fisherなど超多様な全74アーティスト103曲を、ジャンル別に9つのプレイリスト的テーマのアルバムにコンパイル。2018年10月26日から12月21日にかけ、毎週金曜リリースします。
2000年代、安田寿之が自作を軽やかに出すレーベルとして開始したMegadolly。2010年代、音楽家やリスナーのハブになるべく「We “hub” music!」と掲げ、リリースまでのあらゆる相談に乗るコンサルティングのような活動に移行しました。楽曲制作からマスタリング、アートワークセッティング、配信手続き、プロモーションなど、作品により様々な形でリリースに関わってきましたが、活動目的としては一貫し、良質で多様な音楽を存在させ、未知だった音楽に広く興味を持っていただくこととしてきました。涼音堂茶舗shrine.jpとの協働も大きく、2018年夏リリースが100作と積み上がりました。記念企画として、携わらせていただいた作品から全アーティスト作を収録したベストアルバムシリーズをまとめ配信します。

Series of Megadolly’s best albums released as a 100 releases memorial, exclusively on iTunes Store / Apple Music.
Includes 103 diverse songs by 74 musicians such as Towa Tei, orange pekoe, kyoka, Si Begg, ironomi, Ken’ichi Itoi, The Firefly Clan, Morgan Fisher and etc., divided into 9 albums according to directions × moods.
In 2000s, Megadolly was run by Toshiyuki Yasuda as a music label for releasing his personal ideas nimbly. Entering in 2010s, the role of Megadolly gradually moved to a consultancy which handles various processes on each way to the release, connecting people and listeners under the slogan of “We “hub” music!”. I’ve been concerning with many releases accordingly as a producer, an engineer, an agent of artists, a distributor, a promoter and etc., yet the purpose of the activity is consistent, that is, producing fine diverse music and digging up people’s interests to unknown music. Thanks to Ryoondo-tea and shrine.jp, our releases reached 100th in the summer of 2018. On this occasion, Megadolly releases 9 best albums which includes all the musicians’ songs I worked for.
(Titles and colors of sleeves are set continuous and looped.)