Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira: Robota EP

(01. Robota (Andrez & Toshiyuki Mix))

Little Nobody feat. Robo*Brazileira: Robota EP
[IF? Records/Hypnotic Room hroom019] (digitally only)

01. Robota (Andrez & Toshiyuki Mix)
02. Robota (Funk Gadget Remix)
03. Robota (Dick Drone Remix)

An interview article on Beatportal

Some things don't change, like Andrez Bergen's love for things robotic.

The name of his new EP is ‘Robota’, and Little Nobody shanghaied Japanese producer Toshiyuki Yasuda (one of Si Begg’s favorite musicians, and who just finished working with Señor Coconut, aka Atom Heart) into the arrangement, to do gorgeous, robot-style vocoder vocals as Robo*Brazileira.

The music and the melancholic robot lyrics have been composed by Bergen; both have also been remixed by Japanese outfit Dick Drone, and Bergen’s other alterego, Funk Gadget.

It’s oh-so-‘80s, with the added twist of a barnstorming tech/electro contemporary mentality – slamming and melodic, all at once, a dazzling dancefloor rocker that drifts into a hot-wired epiphany.

Think shades of Jean Michel Jarre on ‘Zoolook’ [1984], Kraftwerk, the Cylons from the original series of Battlestar Galactica, Electric Light Orchestra, Herbie Hancock, and the ‘80s theme music for Doctor Who, compressed and shaken up by a production outfit as fond of Underground Resistance and Surgeon as he is of Si Begg and Luke Vibert.

Completely innovative and quite unlike anything you think you may have heard before, this is machine-based disco-funk-tech for the next decade.

Styles: Disko-Funk-Tech.

(Hypnotic Room)