Little Nobody Feat. ROBO*BRAZILEIRA: Robota ep (12inch)


Little Nobody Feat. ROBO*BRAZILEIRA: Robota ep (12inch)
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A1. Robota (Dave Tarrida Remix)
A2. Robota (Jammin' Unit Remix)
A3. Robota (ROBO*BRAZILEIRA a cappella)
B1. Robota (Little Nobody vs. DJ Hi-Shock Remix)
B2. Robota (Steve Stroll Remix)

Some things don’t change, like Andrez Bergen’s love for things robotic.

The name of his new vinyl EP is ‘Robota’, and Little Nobody shanghaied Japanese producer Toshiyuki Yasuda (one of Si Begg’s favorite musicians, and who’d just finished working with Señor Coconut, a.k.a Atom Heart) into the arrangement – to do gorgeous, robot-style vocoder vocals as Robo*Brazileira.

To do their very own wind-up remixes of that killer combo – all of whom criss-cross contemporary dance music styles in dazzling new ways – we lassooed in the insanely respected Mr. Steve Stoll (Proper NYC/NovaMute/Djax-Up-Beats/Harthouse) and Dave Tarrida (Tresor/Musick/Neue Heimat/Feinwerk).

Rounding out the superlative remixing troupe here is Germany’s Cem Oral (Jammin’ Unit/Ultrahigh/4E), the genius behind Cube 40’s‘Bad Computa’ and the Air Liquide classic ‘This is Not a Mind Trip’.

Finally, Little Nobody tackles fellow Aussie Simon Nielsen (DJ Hi-Shock of Elektrax fame) in a collaborative techno free-for-all that is one moment the purist, glorious tech sound DJ Hi-Shock is famous for; the next it’s wild acid; then it all segues into wonderfully eclectic electronica in the terrain of Little Nobody and Funk Gadget – full of winding-down robotic noises and glitches.

Completely innovative and quite unlike anything you think you may have heard before, this is machine-based disco-funk-tech for the next decade.

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