OTOGRAPH: From Shine

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OTOGRAPH: From Shine
[ryoondo-tea DES019]

01. Jimmy Chu
02. Kingyo (Golden Fish)
03. Segment of a Circle
04. Xuan
05. Closed Eye Experiences
06. J*m
07. Stepping Stone
08. Dop
09. Fragments
10. Jimmy Chu (Firo Remix)
11. J*m (Hidenobu Itou Remix)

主な活動として、DINTER FINE ART(ニューヨーク)のweb project room、shin-bi(京都)、"Leonardo展 : DiVA-Kansai" audio-visual exhibition(京都大学)、"small-ness"展(京都)などでの映像発表・インスタレーション発表など。
また、メインコンセプトへのアプローチを感覚的に実践する場として、プロジェクト "OTOGRAPH"では、主にエレクトロニック・ミュージックの制作、ライブ活動などを行う。ここでは共同制作における試行錯誤の結果をよりポップなスタイルでフィードバックさせている。
2004年に涼音堂茶舗より1stアルバム『from shine』、2005年に2ndアルバム 『SOUNDS IN MOTION』を日英仏同時リリース。2005年にPRESSPOP MUSICよりリリースされたDVD 『VISIONS OF FRANK』にサウンドトラックで参加。2007年12月からPLAYSTATION Networkで配信開始されたPlayStation3用パズルシミュレーション「PixelJunk Monsters」のBGM・SE制作など。

From Shine:
OTOGRAPH 1stアルバム。エレクトロニカ以降の新たなポップスを追求する鬼才イトウ・ヒデノブと、cinq(MIDI、noble)・オリエンタル・ホームワードなどの常に原曲を凌駕する独特のリミックスワークで評価を高めるFiroによるリミックスを収録。

Takashi Iura and Sachiyo Oshima have been working together on music and installation works since 2004.
Following the lead of the artistic greats who created visual art inspired by music and vice-versa, Otograph has utilized modern technology to enable the visibility/audibility of the sound (oto) and images (graph) that reside within all people. Otograph generates numerous scenes intertwined with people’s feelings and memories such as musically constructed scenic images and “Sounds in Motion”.
Main activities include video and installation announcements such as the web project room of DINTER FINE ART (New York), shin-bi (Kyoto), ”Leonardo Exhibition: DiVA-Kansai,” audio-visual exhibition (Kyoto University), ”small-ness” Exhibition (Kyoto).
In the project “Otograph,” they mainly produce electronic music and conduct live performances in order to sensuously practice their approach to their main concept. In this project, they give more pop-style feedback about the results of the trial and error in their joint productions.
In 2004, Otograph released their first album “from shine” from Ryoondo-tea, and in the following year their second album “sounds in motion” was simultaneously released in Japan, England and France. In 2005, Otograph performed in the soundtrack of the DVD “VISIONS OF FRANK” released by PRESSPOP MUSIC as well as producing the BGM and SE for the Playstation 3 puzzle simulation game “PixelJunk Monsters” released on the PLAYSTATION Network in December 2007.
A common theme throughout all their music is the unique floating ambiance and distinctive feeling of balance.