The Firefly Clan & Toshiyuki Yasuda: 笹舟 - Single

The Firefly Clan & Toshiyuki Yasuda: 笹舟 - Single
[The Institute of Music and Environment (TIME)]

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1. 笹舟 (Sasabune)

The Firefly Clan (Composition, Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar)
Toshiyuki Yasuda (Piano, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork)

The Firefly Clan recorded at somos
Toshiyuki Yasuda recorded at The Institute of Music and Environment (TIME)

Mountain: 焼岳

グナワ文化とブルースに精通し独自の融合を行うThe Firefly Clan(津嶋利仁)と、世界的コンピ「Red Hot + Rio 2」への参加(Atom™ + Toshiyuki Yasuda Feat. Fernanda Takai + Moreno Veloso)などをキャリアハイライトの一つとしながら音楽と社会の新しい関わりを模索し続ける安田寿之は、信頼し合う仲間として共演を行ってきた。今作は、The Firefly Clanが沖縄の美しい宿somosで行ったギターと歌の録音をベースに、安田寿之がフェルトピアノをダビングし仕上げる連作の第六弾。

Well versed in Gnawa music and blues, The Firefly Clan (a.k.a Toshihito Tsushima) has been pursuing a unique style of fusion music. Toshiyuki Yasuda, with his participation in the global compilation "Red Hot + Rio 2" (Atom™ + Toshiyuki Yasuda Feat. Fernanda Takai + Moreno Veloso) as one of the highlights of his career, continues to explore new relationships between music and society. The Firefly Clan and Toshiyuki Yasuda have been collaborating and occasionally performing together as trusted partners in music. The single is the sixth in a series of works in which Toshiyuki Yasuda dubs felt piano based on guitar and vocal recordings made by The Firefly Clan at the beautiful inn in Okinawa "somos".
The lyrics are inspired from the Japanese Star Festival which celebrates the reunion of deities Vega (Orihime) and Altair (Hikoboshi). A boat is made by a bamboo leaf to send ones wishes down the river. The tempo and the free moving triads add to the dreamy atmosphere the lyrics portray.