MONOKITE: BREAK (Toshiyuki Yasuda Remix)

REMIX, MASTERING, Distribution to iTunes Store by MEGADOLLY

MONOKITE: BREAK (Toshiyuki Yasuda Remix)


CHAR - Keyboard
YASSI - Bass, Chorus
SIN - Drums, Vocal, Composed, Lyrics

Tetsuji Toyoda (246studio) - Recorded

Toshiyuki Yasuda - Remix, Mastering

Manabu Masuda - Artwork

大阪を拠点に活動する、CHAR(Keyboard)、YASSI(Bass, Chorus)、SIN(Drums, Vocal)によるギターレスロックバンドMONOKITE(モノカイト)。維新派のパフォーマーであったSINとその音楽で関わった安田寿之との交流により、この「BREAK」リミックスが生まれた。大胆でエレクトロニックなリプロダクションにより、グランジロック的な原曲と歌詞の世界がさらにスケールの大きな展開を見せる。うるう日(2/29)にiTunes Store限定で発売。

MONOKITE is a guitar-less rock band by CHAR (Keyboard), YASSI (Bass, Chorus) and SIN (Drums, Vocal) in Osaka. This remix of "BREAK" was led by SIN and Toshiyuki Yasuda's meeting at Ishinha in which SIN was belong to as a performer and once Toshiyuki Yasuda composed music for. Boldly electronic reproductions make the grunge rock mood and original world of the lyrics more dynamic. Exclusively on iTunes Store worldwide on a leap day.