antennasia: Re: Qus-cus

REMIX, MASTERING, Distribution to iTunes Store by MEGADOLLY

antennasia: Re: Qus-cus
[Double Life Records]

1. Passion Show (Toshiyuki Yasuda Remix)
2. Metronome Wiper (Embee Remix)
3. Gynoid (D-Fried Remix)
4. Noanoa (Plastic Echo Remix)

1999年にsan(vo)とNerve(prog)により結成。sanの変幻自在な声を軸に、エレクトロニカ、ダブ、ポップ、エクスペリメンタルなど様々な要素を内包した音楽を展開。アルバム「Phased」(2002)がきっかけとなり欧州ツアーを行う。2005年、「Cinemice」発表、同年より坂本龍一氏の番組「RADIO SAKAMOTO」で楽曲が紹介され始め注目を集める。アルバム「23 Bluebird Street, Velo-City」(2006)には同氏がコメントを寄せている。2008年に、Embee、Rob Smith、DJ3000など国内外の蒼々たるメンバーが参加したリミックス・アルバムを発表。メディアアート、ベリーダンスなど、様々なフィールドのアーティストとのコラボレーションも精力的に行っている。2010年、最新アルバム「Qus-cus」をリリース。東日本大震災チャリティーアルバム「ARTIST ACTION」(2011)、「坂本龍一トリビュート」(2012)にも参加。

Re: Qus-cus:
アルバム「Qus-cus」収録曲を国内外の4人のミュージシャンがそれぞれのタッチと色彩感覚で再構築したRemix EP。
参加リミキサーは、元FPM、近年ではソロとしてユニークな活動を展開している安田寿之(MEGADOLLY)、バルセロナを拠点に複数の名義を使い分け様々なスタイルの作品を発表している才人Jordi Saludesのソロ・ユニットD-Fried、スウェーデンのヒップホップ・グループLooptroop Rockersのメンバーとしても知られるEmbee、マイアミのレーベルBotanica del jibaroのコンピに作品を提供するなど今後の活動に期待が集まる若手トラックメーカーPlastic Echo(opuesto)。

antennasia was founded by programmer nerve and vocalist san. Their sound took form gradually, and they became recognized in the down-tempo community. Some of their early work reached the top of the Japanese Internet charts, steadily spreading overseas by way of fan forums and webzines. With a decent dash of dub and triphop beats, antennasia released their first formal album Phased in 2002 (Double Life Records). The album had international appeal, getting airplay in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. There followed some radio and print interviews and a tour of Belgium and Holland in 2003-2004, where antennasia appeared in festivals. On tour, antennasia won many hearts and, back home, received features in numerous print magazines. Thereafter, they released their second album Cinemice in 2005. In a blend of deep electronic sound, dub, and jazz, san’s vocals became more soulful and individualistic. Ryuichi Sakamoto picked their new songs for his RADIO SAKAMOTO and played them on the program many times up to the present. antennasia’s successful album 23 Bluebird Street, Velo-City was released in 2006. World-famous producers, including DJ3000, Rob Smith, Embee, and Lemongrass, remixed songs from the album and Velo-City: Remixed was released in 2008 in Japan (2009 worldwide). antennasia is working on collaborations with many musicians and artists from other fields all over the world. Their latest album Qus-cus (Mori Records) was released worldwide in 2010.

Re: Qus-cus:
The EP includes 4 remixes of antennasia's songs from their album "Qus-cus". All tracks are re-built with various colors and different touch by remixers such as Toshiyuki Yasuda (MEGADOLLY), Plastic Echo (opuesto), D-Fried from Barcelona, and Embee, also known as a member of a Swedish hiphop group Looptroop Rockers.