Toshiyuki Yasuda: La pesanteur - Single

Toshiyuki Yasuda: La pesanteur - Single

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1. La pesanteur (Simple Version)
(Music: Toshiyuki Yasuda, Lyrics: Takako Sato)
ⒸToshiyuki Yasuda, MCJP

2. By Grace of Blue (Simple Version)
(Music: Toshiyuki Yasuda)
ⒸToshiyuki Yasuda

Vocals, Piano, Celesta: Toshiyuki Yasuda
Contrabass: Keiji Matsui
Vocals: Takako Sato (fantaholic)

Piano, Contrabass: Keiji Matsui at echo and cloud studio, Tokyo
Vocals, Celesta by Toshiyuki Yasuda: Toshiyuki Yasuda at home, Tokyo
Vocals by Takako Sato: Takashi Watanabe at Takashi's studio, Tokyo
in 2012 - 2014

Mixed, Mastered, Artwork, Produced: Toshiyuki Yasuda

Cooperated: Tatsuji Kimura & Morgan Fisher (Portmanteau), Michiyo Honda

Early in 2015, album versions will become part of Toshiyuki Yasuda's 5th solo album "Nameless God's Blue".

La pesanteur - Single
2009年発売の4thアルバム「Children's Songs 2050」から5年を費やしたアルバム「Nameless God's Blue」(2015年初頭発売予定)からの先行シングル。これまで強いコンセプトの元作曲してきたスタンスを変え、主観を軸に生歌・ピアノを中心にした生楽器を用いシンガーソングライターのような楽曲をイージーリスニング・ジャズのような雰囲気でアレンジした、清々しくも深みのある雄編。

1. La pesanteur (Simple Version)

2. By Grace of Blue (Simple Version)

La pesanteur - Single:
A brand new single from Toshiyuki Yasuda's forthcoming 5th album entitled "Nameless God's Blue" early in 2015, following the 4th album "Children's Songs 2050" in 2009. Apart from continuous elaborated concepts, the single/album are comprised of the subjectivity, specifically consists of compositions of singer-songwriter feel and arrangements of easy-listening/jazz style, which should be bracing and profound masterpieces.

1. La pesanteur (Simple Version):
This song ("Gravity" in English) is about "duality". I wrote the song a few months later after my son was born. When I reminded at that time that I had been to the hospital just after his birth, a strange sensation came. I went there by a bicycle but the scene in my memory was not from my eyes. It's from the high-up viewpoint like from extra eyes or a movie camera. "I" looked at the man riding a bicycle happily. I told the story to my friend Takako and she wrote the French lyrics.
This "Simple Version" is mainly played by my piano, retrained the viola by Izumi Kawamura which is featured in the album version.

2. By Grace of Blue (Simple Version):
A classical composition with a slight jazzy arrangement. Same as 1, the album version includes the viola but it is purely played by the piano by me and the contrabass by Keiji Matsui here.