Don’t DJ: Ištar CC


Don’t DJ: Ištar CC
[Planet Almanac]

Hard Wax (Cassette & Digital)

A1 Mzkbx’s Universal Touch Remix
A2 Menqui’s Stunner Remix
A3 Klaaar’s Disharmonic Remix
A4 Roman Rauch’s Jackin' Remix
B1 Toshiyuki Yasuda’s Funky Hammer Remix
B2 Don’t DJ’s Original Mix
B3 Nikoslav Nachhall’s Foggy Remix

By the galactic energy of Don’t DJ the great Ištar awakes from her millennial sleep and gallops drowsily with almighty force through the universe eternally. Powered by clear structures, lost in immensity and finding themselves again, Ištar focuses on the undiscovered source of life - arriving without arrival. Don’t DJs bravura Ištar is the best proof that words such as genre or subgenre can be tossed into insignificance. After the first few bars Ištar unfolds a royal sound aesthetic, graceful, fresh und full of elegance that seems to be insatiable. Any attempt to subdue this immense natural force is doomed to failure. Ištar sends the listener on a journey of no return - impossible to become who one were.