Various Artists: Iffy Bizness Vol. 2


Various Artists: Iffy Bizness Vol. 2
[Hypnotic Room / IF? hroomcd005]

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01. Craig McWhinney - "Confined Spaces"
02. Enclave - "Ironyism" (Ben Mill remix)
03. Kultrun - "Underground"
04. Toshiyuki Yasuda - "Pink House" (Little Nobody remix)
05. Dasha Rush - "Comme La Neige" (Isnod remix)
06. Tall Trees - "Broken Friend" (Andrez Bergen remix)
07. Wyndell Long - "Inari" (DJ Hi-Shock remix)
08. Zen Paradox - "Mindmelt"
09. Dasha Rush - "Comme La Neige" (E383 remix)
10. Enclave - "Pulse Overture"
11. Alkan - "In Your Skin"
12. Tall Trees - "Broken Friend" (Chairman Of The Board remix)
13. Wyndell Long - "Inari" (Takashi Watanabe remix #1)
14. DJ Fodder - "A Faster Round-Up"

Hot on the precariously high heels of celebrating 15 years on the go and their 100th release since 1995 comes this enticing second showcase compilation of Tokyo/Melbourne label IF? Records.
IF? have spent the past 12 months putting out a rash of somewhat eclectic but never less than scintillating releases from Luke’s Anger, Dasha Rush, Wyndell Long, Little Nobody, Son Of Zev, DJ Fodder, Takashi Watanabe (DJ Warp), Alone Together, Enclave, Koda, Dave Tarrida, Ben Pest, Donk Boys, Toshiyuki Yasuda and others – with great feedback arising every now and then from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Claude Young, Orlando Voorn, Jerome Hill, Ken Ishii, Anthony Shakir and Steve Poindexter.
Compiled by DJ Hi-Shock and IF? label boss Andrez Bergen, ‘Iffy Bizness Vol. 2′ follows straight on from the hugely successful first compilation released last year, and explores the IF? label’s wonderful slower techno moments, the infectious tech-house they’ve slipped through, and some asides into intelligent glitch-minimalism that we actually dig – a whole lot.
Come with us to explore a global bucket-load of tunes made by talented musicians both famous and not (quite yet), conjuring up tunes in an atmosphere where the only label perimeters have always been to “do what you do best, and make what you’d prefer to make”.
Innovative, fascinating, and straight out lovely – this is the future as much as it’s been the past for 15 strong years.
Thanks, too, for listening and giving these tracks half a chance to impress!