Las Dos: Simone Holiday

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Las Dos: Simone Holiday
[Gran Imperial Records]


01. I'd Rather Stay Home
02. Listening to Nina Simone
03. I Forgot Something to Remember
04. Quiet Swing
05. A Long Slide
06. I'll Wait in the Shadow
07. Two Days Old Pizza from Solitary Island
08. Cut the Time Again
09. Do You Have Any Licence to Grow?
10. Where to Go from Here
11. Snoring & Waves
12. A Dormir

Las Dos (ラス・ドス):

1997年、ローファイ宅録ポップ、Las MoscasでベルギーのMorc Records よりカセットデビュー。その後アメリカで出会った三河原邦弘とCalletta Craft Typewriterを結成し、デザイナー、ポール・フランクとともに4トラックレコーディング。メンフィス、アトランタ、カリフォルニアでライブ活動をし、1枚のアルバムをリリース。その後キューバへ渡り、ラテン・サンプリング・コラージュを主としたロス・リサイクラーズで活動中。現沖縄在住。

「Simone Holiday」アルバム解説:

Las Dos:
Las Dos means The Two.
It is a Hideki diki Ito's solo project which began in 2011 winter.
The concept is easy positive thinking + simplification of mind and eating seasonal vegetables.

Hideki diki Ito started lo-fi home recording “Las Moscas” in 1997.
After that he formed Calletta Craft Typewriter with Kunihiro Mikahara met in Memphis. They recorded some songs along with Paul Frank who is known as the designer of character “Julius”. They performed live shows in Memphis, Atlanta and Southern California and released one album “Sounds of M.I.E”. In 2000 he moved to Cuba, started Latin sampling collage project called Los Recyclers. Currently living in Okinawa.

"Simone Holiday" Product Description:
Summer time has gone... secretly recorded alone at seaside beach house in winter time. Forgotten ukulele, piano which doesn't sound re, the elephant with only one foot which come out in a dream, and geckos crawled around the wall, they all works organically blended with the remaining noise of hard disk.

Las Dos: Ode