Las Dos: Ode

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Las Dos: Ode
[Gran Imperial Records]

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01 All Sampled Notes Are Ready to Chill
02 New Dawn New Day
03 Light in the Shadow
04 While Waiting for the Squall to Pass
05 Peace Piece
06 Birds and Geckos
07 Acapulco 2022
08 My Babe
09 Daydreaming in the Morning
10 Open and Relax Mind
11 In Tune with Nature
12 Awakening

Las Dos:
DJ Ahh Uh!名義のDJ活動のアイデアを楽曲化する音楽プロジェクト。

2012年、海辺の「Simone Holiday」から8年を経て、場所は森、やんばる。
オールド・ジャズからワールド音楽まで様々なサンプリングに、生楽器、暮らしの音、虫の音、アカショウビンの声、人の声を"in tune with nature"させたサウンド・コラージュ集。


Las Dos:
Based in Okinawa, meaning “2” or “two persons” in Spanish.
A music project to create sound works from ideas of DJ Ahh Uh !
With theme of chill out, a compilation of Ode from field recording of Yanbaru forest.

8 years since the last seaside album “Simone Holiday” in 2012, now the new album features Yanbaru forest.
With lighter, deeper, more Lo-Fi profile.
It is “in tune with nature” collage of samplings from old jazz and world music, acoustic instruments, sounds of everybody lives, voice of insects, birds, humans.
2020 Ode with experimental and popular touches.