Swinky: Prototype

Mixing, Mastering, Keyboards, Consultancy and Distribution to iTunes Store/Apple Music by MEGADOLLY

Swinky: Prototype

1. Lily of the Valley
2. Say What You Will
3. January
4. Taken Me Over
5. Nipe Asali
6. Heave Ho!
7. Mkokoteni
8. My Whole Life
9. Labyrinth
10. The Adventures
11. Nipe Asali Reprise
12. Kesho

Guitar (electric, acoustic): Takayoshi Muranaka
Drums, percussion: Kiyotaka Nishi
Bass: Mario Yamashita
Rap, rap lyrics: Jesse “Pyuu” Koester
Computer game sounds on 10: Toshiyuki Yasuda
Keyboard on 8: Esther Thirimu
Recording engineer: Iori Terada
Mixing and mastering: Toshiyuki Yasuda

Swinky (Esther Thirimu):
Swinky is a singer-songwriter from Nairobi, Kenya. She grew up listening to songs on the radio and sang to the grass outside, pretending it was an adoring audience. She currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.


Prototype is Swinky’s first full length album presenting songs in different styles that reflect her interest in all kinds of music. The songs are written in English and Swahili, with playful harmonies and themes touching on human experiences and emotions. The dominant sentiment throughout Prototype is hope. It’s a delightful romp through the psyche of a girl-turned-woman, an honest and satisfying listen from the first breath to the last note.


Track 2, 9 on Toshiyuki Yasuda: Breaking the Silence (Version 10.3.3)
Esther Thirimu: Chrysalis